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Delta-9 THC Infused Sea Salt (10 bottles)


For 10 individual packages of (THC Infused Sea Salt)

Cannabinoids: 432mg per package (11mg THC & 11mg CBD per 4grams)

MSRP Price: $25 per individual package of Infused Sea Salt

Wholesale Price: $8 per individual package of Infused Sea Salt

Sold By: Case, 10 packages per case

Please read the description below for product information.

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Wholesale Delta-9 THC Infused Sea Salt  2.7oz bottle

Product Information

Pieces/Servings Per Package: 19 servings of 4 grams (1 tsp) per serving

THC Per Piece: 11mg per 4 grams (1 tsp)

CBD Per Piece: 11mg per 4 grams(1 tsp)

Total Cannabinoids Per Package: 432mg per shaker bottle (2.7oz)

THC%: 0.28%

Weight: 2.7oz Per Bottle

Ingredients: Hemp Extract (Delta-9 & CBD), Sea Salt

THC edibles may take up to 1 hour to start showing their effects.  Do not operate heavy machinery while using this product.  Must be over 21+ years of age to purchase, possess and or use this product.  

Weight 1.875 lbs
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